Hello.. Welcome to my world. I am a blogger and a tutor. My biggest strength is my intellect. I am passionate about a lot of things. Writing is one of them. I am here to share my ideas and experiences and also learn from others. I love travelling, reading and meeting new people.

“Namaste Laxmi Aunty”

“You will become a watchman when you grow up.” is very common thing that parents usually say to their children when they don’t study. As soon as a child hears this, the foundation of discrimination is laid. Guarding a building is now an inferior job, in his young impressionable mind.

My Sweetest Child

Society looks with disdain on moms who don’t do everything perfectly. After the child is born, for most of the women its a dark, lonely, scary, and uncertain time. And of course the guilt creeps in when the journey is a little far from perfect !

Cookie Memories

Death of a friend is like losing a limb. The pain and the anguish goes away after a while, but the feeling of loss still lingers forever. Sometimes, it feels like you’ll never get over the grief. It can feel all-encompassing.

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